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The Long-Exposure Itch

Tissot Watch

The Long-Exposure Itch

As an intermediate photographer it is super-natural to fall into the temptation of long exposures, capturing light all over the roads.It is indeed a very good exercise to understand the working of the shutter-speed of the camera in an outdoor environment. However, doing this every now and then is not easy and possible out of a tight schedule.

Here in this post i’d like to present an experiment you can do right at your place, without moving out a step that can help you creatively maneuver the long exposure.

This is a table top experiment, where i use a macro lens, an external source of light beam ( a torch with a diffuser will do) and of course our very own , the Long Exposure.

Tissot Watch

I’d say this long exposure experiment is far more challenging in nature because you can not keep the aperture at its narrowest, because its object photography and you have to rightly balance and control the ambient light.

Extra Note: These experiments can be put to challenge your articulation quotient. In the experiment on this Long-exposure one can see the second hand travelling 10 seconds thereby making a pattern of time lapse and sometimes spooky effects.

Hope this helps and stirs.

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”Multiplicity Photography is the process of taking several photos of a human, animal, or object in different areas of the frame, and then combining them in Photoshop. In sports, this is known as Sequence Photography.” You can do it all by yourself, without anyone’s help.All you need is a sturdy Tripod, a remote trigger (the one in my hand :) , photoshop CS and of-course PATIENCE AND TIME..

Here is an old archived article on multiplicity. Instead of writing the article again, let me give you a direct link to the old nostalgic site.will be fun. TAKE ME THERE

It’s strange that technology has all the advantages and disadvantages. But one strange advantage of getting into an age of mammoth internet speed is that the good old html sites load real fast these days :)

Have fun hope this helps too.


Tombstone Every Mile


Tombstone Every Mile

When you’re talking to a lover; who’s been hauling LOVE.

Down the stretch of road in life they call it heart and soul.

He’ll tell you that dying and going down below;

won’t be half as bad as driving on that road of ice and snow.


It’s a stretch of road up there in heart and soul;

that’s never ever ever, seen a smile…

But if they buried all the lovers lost in them road,

There’d be a tombstone every mile.

It all ends here for the penultimate peace.
Abstract Cross
It doesn’t matter who is ahead and who’s behind here.




2 Quick Life Saving Hacks of Wide-Angle Photography

Hacks of Wide-Angle Photography

Get your wide angle lens out. Try out these hacks and find some interesting shots.

  1. Get as Close to the object as you can.

When shooting with a wide angle lens, every centimeter matters while composing the frame. The closer we get to the object the brighter are the chances of getting a frame that really compliments a wider perspective.

Here is an example.


  1. Wide Angle photography is not “landscapes”. 

The biggest misconception about wide-angle photography is that ” it’s all about Grand Landscapes”. Shatter that myth to get stunning photos indoors and take your wide angle lens usage to an all time high.

Here is an example.


It dosen’t matter who’s wrong who’s right

I hope these hacks have sparked some new fire into your experimentation with wide-angle photography.

I use Tamron 10-24 lens with Nikon D7000.

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