February 2016//

EASY AND LUCID – Posing Ideas

Posing Tips


In my last article i posted a collage out of my recent photo-shoot i did for http://www.capskart.com

However, i did not mention some of my observations on posing tips and ideas. Here are my two observations.

“Nature likes it easy, and nature looks best in its most raw form”


As a beginner photographer or as a beginner model, tending to  try too hard is only going to go negative. I like photographers and models to push their limits harder to achieve stunning results. But i would never advocate any new-bee to loose comfort and ease to look stunning, rather be easy and look beautiful. As a matter of fact as the new-bee to hide face in initial pics and show how real images look in natural poses.

An easier, comfortable and lucid model will give you more beautiful pics.

During all posing, it is highly advisable to stick to the most basic fundamentals, but keep that number small.

Enough of talking, lets take a look at some easy and fun to do posing ideas, to break ice and make beautiful, vibrant if not sunning images.

Hope this helps someone.


Photography Cheat-Sheet


The Most Comprehensive Photography Cheat-Sheet

So you have graduated yourself to a photographer who uses the MANUAL mode. But those technical jargons are still not fitting into the muscle memory.

You have just landed on the perfect page of photography cheat-sheet that will help you keep the basics on our tips until they sink in completely. In this comprehensive cheat sheet, I have tried to cover the most essential elements in a super easy visual demonstration. I have covered the basics of understanding exposure, aperture, shutter-speed, ISO and composition.


The most interesting and important thing about this photography cheat-sheet is that it is going to sharpen your learning curve of not only operating your DSLR in the manual mode but also the other modes. If you understand the basics of each element then understanding different modes become easier. For example, if you understand what Aperture is, then in aperture priority mode you are going to change the aperture of the lens (having a full manual control over aperture only )and rest everything will be adjusted automatically by the DSLR. This makes experimenting a lot easier and finding the best results quicker.

So, here it is, keep this most essential and definitive Photography Cheat Sheet in your DSLR bag for initial few years, and once you master all this, there is a good surprise too; rather the best part. You can pass it on :)

You can download the high resolution file right HERE. Take a print out, share it on your blog or bookmark this page in case you need to see this sheet again.

And of course, if you find this information useful and worth sharing and liking then PLEASE DO.

Happy Clicking :)