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Hats and Beanies – Capskart Shout-OUT


Hats and Beanies

Say Adieu to beanies and woolen hats with style. My love for Fedora dates back to the days of Red Hat System administration. Featuring here are two of the finest fedora hats from the Finest Store for Headwear.

Also featuring the gone bestsellers Florescent Beanies.

Gearing up for the sun, Coming soon the most enthralling collection of Snap back CAPS for Monsieur and mademoiselle.





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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Regret investing in Mascot-Design


Mascot-Design – A Small Step towards Giant Leap

Mascot is a character that is a symbol of luck and good fortune for an enterprise, event or organisation. Mascots have been there for a long time and most interesting thing is that they are here to stay for even longer, maybe forever.

As an entrepreneur, I highly recommend all startups or even companies of good repute to invest time and money in getting yourself a Mascot that carries your conviction all around. Don’t take my word for this, then i’ll give you 5 super strong reasons plus 1 extra bonus :)

  1. Philosophical Representation
  2. Uniformity Across Diversity
  3. Strategizing Brand Promotions Made Easier
  4. Your Personal Ambassador – Way better than hired Hypocrites.
  5. Elevated Creativity and Longevity in Business.
  6. BONUS Merchandising and Advertising Made Easy

As your brand gains more popularity, your mascot can be thoughtfully and creatively used in merchandising and advertising. Also Social Media Management and reputation can be steered through Mascot. Once again I’d like to Mention Mascot ” Ebunick” of Ebullient Art  Ventures being used in Merchandising for their flagship store

4Tees blue ThouShaltStrum


Infographic – Guitar Chords Made Easy


You Stumbleupon and fall back into what you belong to. That’s what happens when i bump into music, every corner of my life. Here is a Guitar Chord chart infographic. It will help you understand how the basic formation of guitar chords and how to form any other form like (minor, 7th chords, sus-4 etc) the EASIEST WAY.

Here is a free version to download and print!


This infographic is made for my project GUITARKART

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The Epigrams

Nipun Haritash

I’d always laugh and say ” A photographer is a lazy writer”

As a photographer we’ve got so many things, emotions and words going on around a frame. Some wise man had wisely said ” A photograph is worth a 1000 words”, but nevertheless the writer wouldn’t stay mum. I am delighted to present my writings in the form of EPIGRAMS on my writings website. Regular updates, one thing that’ll keep pouring in will be ironic dosages of satire.

Coming real soon is the link for a downloadable PDF file link to this book with all the epigrams on the website plus some exclusive unpublished stuff. Keep Watching. CLICK THE IMAGE TO VISIT SITE

Nipun Haritash