January 2017//

Crab-Island Travel Guide(Pulau Ketam)-Malaysia


A Hidden Gem – Crab-island

Visiting KualaLumpur is all about being in a city of skyscrapers. I had always wanted to see the countryside or rural Malaysian life. Here is one good option that is diversely vibrant out of the city of Kuala-Lumpur. If you are staying in KL and you have a day to spare, an amazing option is a one day tour to Crab- Island. The best Visual Guide from Kuala-lumpur Malaysia to Pulau Ketam, Crab Island via Port Klang

Pulau Ketam or crab island is an island situated near the port town of Port Klang. So here it is.

1. Take KTM Kommuter  from KL central in Kuala Lumpur to port Klang, which is the last station on this line.

2. Take ferry from Port Klang to Crab-Island.

Port Klang is the last station on the line from KL Sentral KTM Commuter. The ticket is around 7 Ringits.

The KL rapid prepaid card won’t work on this line as this is pretty far away from Kuala-Lumpur. Its around 1 hour and 10 minutes ride. But the train is centrally air-con and well maintained, so it is comfortable.

Here is the run


Here is the video of Port Klang railway station.

From Port Klang you need to take ferry to crab island. Its around 15 ringits for return journey, totally worth the money. Its an air-con ferry and takes about 40 minutes and passes through several backwaters.

Here is a video of the entry to crab island.



This is special in Crab Island, The oyster omelette. Have a look,seems a lot of fish oil.

Out of the crab island, this AC ferry will take you back to the port klang.