July 2018//

Queen of Hills – Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, undoubtedly the most beautiful state of India and abode to the Himalayas. Shimla is a modern town and carries the responsibility of the capital city and thus is largely more crowded and hustly than any of the cities in Himachal Pradesh.


Posing Tips with Kanika Mann

Posing Tips with Kanika Mann

Posing Tips . When doing an indoor high key Photo-shoot,  Expression is the Key.

This random photoshoot with Kanika Mann was done for a photobooth. And some loud,lousy,fun expression did the trick.

I hope you get some inspiration out of this. Comment your favorite pose in the comment section below.

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Weekend Getaway in North India – Kasauli

Weekend Getaway in North India - Kasauli

Planning for a short and sweet weekend outing to a hill station but at the same time low on budget? Here’s an excellent weekend getaway that will serve the purpose and at the same time will  not be a burden on your wallet. Kasauli is one such destination which is a beautiful small hill station with all the tourist attractions . Being a defence region it is perfectly clean and very well maintained hill station. You can plan a short 1-2 night stay here and can return fully refreshed and recharged back to your home. Kasauli has a few spots which are definitely not to miss and comes under must go once  in the lifetime category.

Kasauli Church

Well I have been to a number of religious places but I found real peace and bliss when I entered the Kasauli Church. The aura and the ambience is so soothing, that it lets all your worries evaporate in a tinkle. The soothing and healing music, the lighted candles, the complete aura does that magic and takes you to another lever of spiritualism. A must must visit place in Kasauli.

Kasauli Mall Road

If you are a street shopper and the admirer of collectibles and souvenirs, this is the place for you. Kasauli mall road is a shopper’s delight. You can pick dirt cheap gifting items, jewellery, bags, strolls, apparels, home utility items from here. You gottaa have real good bargaining skills!!

Kasauli Street Food

Every and any hill station is known for its street food. If you are a street food lover, you have a gala of eating options here. Right from a variety of stuffed flavoured momos (which you cannot afford to miss ) to chinese, continental, italian, you have it all there.

Just plan a short weekend trip to this little hill station and feel the magic!

Some Nearby Places and Raw Nature. If you ever hop on to this hill station, there are plenty of nearby places waiting for you welcoming you with open arms. Very close to Kasauli is Dagshai, a cantonment area and Barog, a hill station situated at very high altitude and a super scenic Railway Station, which is by the way a world heritage site also.







See You there in Kasauli !!