Splash Photography


Splash Photography

Stuck at home project. Check out the output and the related water droplet splash tutorial coming soon too.

DSC_1553 DSC_1561 DSC_1563 DSC_1588


I hope you enjoyed those momentary lapse of awesomeness.


Here is the chaos behind the awesomeness.

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5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Regret investing in Mascot-Design


Mascot-Design – A Small Step towards Giant Leap

Mascot is a character that is a symbol of luck and good fortune for an enterprise, event or organisation. Mascots have been there for a long time and most interesting thing is that they are here to stay for even longer, maybe forever.

As an entrepreneur, I highly recommend all startups or even companies of good repute to invest time and money in getting yourself a Mascot that carries your conviction all around. Don’t take my word for this, then i’ll give you 5 super strong reasons plus 1 extra bonus :)

  1. Philosophical Representation
  2. Uniformity Across Diversity
  3. Strategizing Brand Promotions Made Easier
  4. Your Personal Ambassador – Way better than hired Hypocrites.
  5. Elevated Creativity and Longevity in Business.
  6. BONUS Merchandising and Advertising Made Easy

As your brand gains more popularity, your mascot can be thoughtfully and creatively used in merchandising and advertising. Also Social Media Management and reputation can be steered through Mascot. Once again I’d like to Mention Mascot ” Ebunick” of Ebullient Art  Ventures being used in Merchandising for their flagship store Guitarkart.com

4Tees blue ThouShaltStrum


Photography Cheat-Sheet


The Most Comprehensive Photography Cheat-Sheet

So you have graduated yourself to a photographer who uses the MANUAL mode. But those technical jargons are still not fitting into the muscle memory.

You have just landed on the perfect page of photography cheat-sheet that will help you keep the basics on our tips until they sink in completely. In this comprehensive cheat sheet, I have tried to cover the most essential elements in a super easy visual demonstration. I have covered the basics of understanding exposure, aperture, shutter-speed, ISO and composition.


The most interesting and important thing about this photography cheat-sheet is that it is going to sharpen your learning curve of not only operating your DSLR in the manual mode but also the other modes. If you understand the basics of each element then understanding different modes become easier. For example, if you understand what Aperture is, then in aperture priority mode you are going to change the aperture of the lens (having a full manual control over aperture only )and rest everything will be adjusted automatically by the DSLR. This makes experimenting a lot easier and finding the best results quicker.

So, here it is, keep this most essential and definitive Photography Cheat Sheet in your DSLR bag for initial few years, and once you master all this, there is a good surprise too; rather the best part. You can pass it on :)

You can download the high resolution file right HERE. Take a print out, share it on your blog or bookmark this page in case you need to see this sheet again.

And of course, if you find this information useful and worth sharing and liking then PLEASE DO.

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Food Photography – 3 Exquisite Tips

Food Photography - 3 Exquisite Tips

Food Photography Ideas.

All right, This time around, not just food for thought :)

Some food for you to cherish, relish and of course clicking. So here is my take on my first ever food photography experiments. I had previously done splash photography taking some food items, but this time around the i’ll discuss a different mindset around the specific food photography.

” There is usually a tiny unseen thing that makes “THE  FLAVOR” in the Food.”

I had tried to highlight the flavor around the food.  Its important to highlight that. We all know how much we cherish and appreciate those tiny detailing in food. Have a look at the dressings on the cake and the donuts. Pro Tip: Use Macro shots to capture those tiny beauty detailing on food.



2. Another thing that i want to emphasize is the mood that food creates. I have known that there is a lot of drama hidden around the food. One can use this drama to explore the creative freedom. I have tried to use some small toys as props around food items, just to illustrate their actual size in context with a macro shot and secondly you can make them witty as per your humor Quotient too. Tip: Use Props and use them fantas(y)tically :)






3.Every Aroma and Flavor has a color.

This is true and this cant be explained. Tip:Highlight colors that you smell the most.

See it for yourself.






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Product Photography – ESP Bass

Esp Bass

Product Photography – ESP Bass

Esp Bass Esp Bass

This post features my latest product shoot for the ESP bass guitar. I am going to discuss and illustrate the mindset of a photographer behind doing a product shoot. Before I start, I’d like to mention that there is a difference between shooting products for a catalogue and an advertising centric photo shoot.

I have chosen to do a low key of this product because for me the sound of the base is more of a darker nature, simple. Next I find the string and the long fret-board of the bass very intriguing. So I decided to go ahead and click these two in somewhat different manner. So Tip number 1 is to find the most intriguing point in a product. As an example I highlight the looooong fret-board in an exclusive image highlighting the quality of rosewood and fret-board  marks.


The second thing that I want to highlight is the concealing factor in an advertising product-shoot. You’ve got to click some of the images that keep the viewers in a state of wanting for more. So in other words, I like to keep the advertising product photo-shoot more of an abstract photo-shoot. But that does not mean that you skip showing the full product in high definition for the customers / viewers to have a full look upon.


Lastly every product has a USP, it is supremely important to click that. Missing the USP of a product while a shoot is a deadly sin. For example in this product shoot the headstock is meticulously designed. So I have generously mixed super heavy bass strings with the headstock shots.

Another Unique Selling Point of this bass is the ivory fret-board mark that I highlight here.



I hope this article helps and inspires you to click your next product photo-shoot with some new sparks of ideas.

Happy Clicking to all. Peace.


Panorama versus Wide-Angle Landscapes

The wall

Panorama and Landscapes

Most people easily fall into the temptation of covering an almost 360 degree view of a landscape that they are attracted to. No doubt, panorama that features in almost every phone and camera these days is a tool which is often lamely compared with wide angle landscape photography. Easier said than done, these techniques are very intricate, sophisticated and different in their own aspects of applications. None of the two is superior to the other though they serve and require different approach of photography.

Landscape Photography is about a perspective and more than the view an expression is captured. However Panorama focuses on covering the demographic of a location. Again going by the rule of thumb, a good landscape is captured at the right moment in the right spirit and of course with a lot of technical flawlessness.

If you are a messiah of Google Earth and you want a 360 degree view to share, go ahead and use panorama.


So it all boils down to just putting your own touch in landscapes.


Go get your dream Landscape clicked today.



Shout Out – Learn Macro Photography

Learn Macro Photography – A Fast Track Workshop

Macro photogrаphy іѕ an art in itѕelf.It is ѕometimeѕ referred to aѕ рhotomacrograрhy оr macrоgraphy, аnd sometimes macrophotography, it іs extreme closе-up phоtоgraphy, usuаlly of very tiny subjects, in which the ѕize of the subjеct in the photogrаph is biggеr than lifе size (though macrophotography tеchnically refers tо thе art of making verу large photographs).By thе rule of thumb, a macro photograph is onе in which thе size of the subjесt lіfe ѕize or greater. This fіeld оf photogrаphy іѕ not оnlу fascіnatіng but also vеrу challenging.In the 100 commandments оf Phоtоgraphy presented in www.nipunharitaѕh.com  ; іt is mentioned that Maсrо photographу iѕ not fоr еvеrybоdy. In Macrо phоtоgraphy the lenѕ plaуs an important rolе, second comes thе technіque. It is very importаnt to carefully аdjuѕt the aperture to mаіntаіn juѕt the right dеpth of field аnd rеlеаsе thе shuttеr to аvoid аnу shake, but the fact of the matter is that many advanced cameras have a hidden gem of a feature known as MUP. Know more by enrolling Today.Nоw with proper mentoring it iѕ еasiеr tо master thіѕ ѕkіll. We here аt Nipun Haritash Phоtоgraphy саn helр you in Learnіng Maсro Photographу. Wе havе thе еxpеrtisе equipment and pаssion fоr maсro photography. So come and learn thіѕ beаutiful art in оur studio based in Chandigarh.