Queen of Hills – Shimla

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, undoubtedly the most beautiful state of India and abode to the Himalayas. Shimla is a modern town and carries the responsibility of the capital city and thus is largely more crowded and hustly than any of the cities in Himachal Pradesh.


EASY AND LUCID – Posing Ideas

Posing Tips


In my last article i posted a collage out of my recent photo-shoot i did for http://www.capskart.com

However, i did not mention some of my observations on posing tips and ideas. Here are my two observations.

“Nature likes it easy, and nature looks best in its most raw form”


As a beginner photographer or as a beginner model, tending to  try too hard is only going to go negative. I like photographers and models to push their limits harder to achieve stunning results. But i would never advocate any new-bee to loose comfort and ease to look stunning, rather be easy and look beautiful. As a matter of fact as the new-bee to hide face in initial pics and show how real images look in natural poses.

An easier, comfortable and lucid model will give you more beautiful pics.

During all posing, it is highly advisable to stick to the most basic fundamentals, but keep that number small.

Enough of talking, lets take a look at some easy and fun to do posing ideas, to break ice and make beautiful, vibrant if not sunning images.

Hope this helps someone.