ommon Errors in English Grammar ( Free PPT’s)


Mistakes are often made in written and spoken English known as errors in English grammar and verbal English, well this page is here to help you out in rectifying those mistakes. You will find Direct downloadable links of the power point presentations of key-areas where Mistakes and Errors are made in English Grammar.

Following is a playlist of Videos that are available on Youtube. The power point presentations of these videos are also available for download at the end of this page for teaching purpose.

1. Free Tutorial 1

Wrong Positioning of Adverbs and Misplacement of Subject in the Sentence  resulting in wrong Spoken English. Click here to download the PPT for free EnglishErrors026

2.  Tutorial 2

Common Errors because of misplacement  and wrong order of words and phrases in spoken English. Download free PPT EnglishErrors027

3.  Tutorial 3

Mistakes are often made  due to the usage of similar words interchangeably. The following examples include the words which most often give trouble due to their similarity and results in wrong spoken English. DOWNLOAD free PPT EnglishErrors028

4.  Tutorial 4

Usage of singular and plural verbs with certain words.
Do’s and Don’ts Download PPT EnglishErrors035

5.  Tutorial 5

Brief Discussion on Singular and Plural Nouns- Types, Usage along with Do’s and Don’ts.

Download FREE PPT EnglishErrors036

6.  Tutorial 6

Adjectives are often confused  and wrongly used in spoken English. Typical cases are discussed. Download free PPT EnglishErrors031

7.  Tutorial 7

Wrong usage of nouns often results in wrong framing of sentences.  Typical cases are discussed in following examples.

Download free PPT EnglishErrors031

8.  Tutorial 8

Confusion of Number.

Some words are singular but seems  to be plural and vice versa. Typical cases are discussed in the PPT. Download it for free EnglishErrors034

9. Tutorial 9

Misuse of preposition, adjective, adverb etc. that results in wrong spoken English.Some common mistakes are discussed in this tutorial. Download FREE PPT EnglishErrors037



This section covers commonly confused words.

Click on the Tutorial Lesson Link to see the Video















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