Infamous Killing Fields of Khymer Rouge – Phnom Penh Cambodia


The infamous killing fields of Khymer Rouge is an absolute, not to miss sight seeing while you are on a trip to Cambodia especially Phnom Penh.

How to get there. If you are few people travelling together, then tuk-tukk is the best and i guess only option other than Taxi. I didn’t find any buses or public transport there to reach The killing fields. It is quite far from the main city area, where we stayed. The tuk tuk ride isn’t the most pleasant especially if its a bright sunny day.

The Killing field has a Museum and an ornamental outbuilding, along with the vast fields that have markings and write-ups describing the tragic incidents of genocides in the past.

At the main entrance you will find the ticket counter. Ticket is almost $20, and you get an audio device that has recordings of descriptions of all the spots.

Take a Walk- AROUND


It takes a lot of patience to walk through all the numbered points on the sight. At each labelled numbered point you can listen to the information which is there in the walky talky device given to you. Some sights are disturbing in nature , so viewers and age discretion is recommended.


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