Kecak Fire Dance – Uluwatu Temple – Things to see in Bali


Kecak fire Dance

Kecak is the most unique Balinese dance which is not accompanied by any orchestra but by a choir of 70 men. It has its origin in old ritual dance sanghyng or trance dance. In the sanghyan dance, a person in a state of trance communicates with their deities or ancestors using the dances as a medium. The dieties or ancestors convey their wishes in the 1930’s. The old Indian epic Ramayana was included into the dance. Briefly the story runs as follows.

Due to the vice-price of Ayodhya, Rama the legal heir to the throne of Ayaodhaya was exiled from the Ayaodhya by Dushratha. Accompanied by his wife Sita and his younger brother Laxman,they went into a forest called Dendak, while they were in the forest, the deamon kingRavana found them and lusted after the beautiful Sita. Accompanied by Maricha they made a trick to steal Sita. Using his magic power, Maricha transformed himself into Golden Deer. Disguised as a golden Deer they succeeded in luring rama and Laxman away from Sita. Ravana making use of this opportunity, kidnapped sita and took her to his palace Alengka. Discovering the deception, Rama and laxman set out to rescue Sita from the clutch of the deamon King, assisted by the huge army of monkeys. Under the command of their King Hanumana Ram succeeded in getting his wife safely.




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